The Power of Image and Cinema

For this final unit, the overarching topic is the power of images and/or cinema.  Where you choose to go with that topic is up to you, but you should consider our units to help you formulate ideas.  In Sturken and Cartwright’s The Practices of Looking there are chapters entitled “Viewers Make Meaning,” “Realism and Perspective,” Visual Technologies, Image Reproduction and the Copy,” “Media in Every Day Life,” “Advertising, Consumer Cultures, and Desire,” “Postmodernism, Indie Media, and Popular Culture,” Scientific Looking, Looking at Science,” and “The Global Flow of Visual Culture,” which we did not read but would certainly address and further your thinking about the topic.

Essential Questions

  • What does it mean to be an engaged, active viewer in the 21st century?
  • How is our understanding of the world both impacted by and reflected in images? What is the nature of this relationship?
  • How are media messages constructed using a creative language to convey unique points of view?
  • What is the power of images and cinema?

Tues 4/24
*Casablanca Draft due

Watching This Is Not a Film to address:

  • What is the power of the image and cinema?
  • What impact does the global circulation of images have?

Wed 4/25
cont. This Is Not a Film and discussion

HW: writing and reflecting on the questions for the final assignment – what is the power of images and/or cinema? Write 2 pages in your journal.  Think about and or do some looking at images, films, artists, and/or directors you are thinking about.

Thurs 4/26
Class-wide brainstorming session

Fri 4/27
Initial Research day

Mon 4/30
continue research

HW: Draft proposal for Wednesday

Tues 5/1

Wed 5/2
Class proposal day