This site is meant to be a companion resource to class. Here you’ll find information on what we are working on during each day of a unit, including homework, assignments, and more.

Semester 2 Schedule: 
Per 1 – Prep
Per 2 – Senior English & Film
Per 3 – Prep and Sophomore Teacher PLC (Day  A)
Per 4 – Sophomore English
Per 5 – Prep
Per 6 – Sophomore English
Per 7 – AP Lit
Per 8 – H Sr English & Film UConn

Extra Help Availability:
Before School: By appointment
During School: See the schedule above and make appointments and drop in as necessary.
After School: I am here most days until at least 3pm in either room 223 or the English Office. Tuesdays, Charity Link meets until at least 2.30 pm in my classroom, and on Thursdays, Filling in the Blanks meets until at least 2.30 pm.