Intro to Film

Welcome to Senior English & Film! 

Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 2.31.08 PMThis site is your home base for information about the  course and assignments.   Below you will find our documents  from our initial unit on becoming acquainted with film and its  language.  As we move into new units, subpages will be created  and updated with documents and assignments.

This is our first unit, Intro to Cinematic Language & Reading a Film Like a Text

Essential Questions

  • How is our understanding of the world both impacted by and reflected in images?
  • How are media messages constructed using a creative language to convey unique points of view?  
  • How does the study of combined media enhance our understanding of timeless social and personal issues?

What you should know because of this unit:

  • Define and use film terminology accurately
  • Identify a director’s purpose in using a variety of image making techniques
  • Analyze scenes and films based on the director and cinematographer’s techniques and decisions

Final Assignment

  • Anatomy of a Scene using a Hitchcock film of your choosing

Wed 1/24
In class:

  • Film Questionnaire & Film Terminology Pre-test
  • Syllabus Review
  • Attendance & responses

In class: Syllabus Collection
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    • the message: @weeksfilm
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Film Term Pre-test

Vertov’s Man with a Movie Camera

Vertov claims that: “This experimental work aims at creating a truly international absolute language of cinema based on its total separation from the language of theatre and literature.”  What does this seem to suggest?

  • What details do you notice?
  • How does it look?
  • What is your mind doing as you see the images?

Homework:  Sr English & Film Syllabus & Review Basic Film Terms
Visit google classroom and complete film questionnaire

Thurs 1/25
Film Terminology presentation

Homework:  Reading and notes on “The Shot: Mise-en-Scene” through p. 131 (stop at Staging: Movement & Performance)

Fri 1/26
Film term presentation cont.

HW: Reading and notes on “The Shot: Mise-en-Scene” through p. 151 (stop at Time)

Mon 1/29
Film term presentation cont.

HW:  Reading and note taking “The Shot: Mise-en-Scene” finish

Tues 1/30
Opening scene of Jaws
The Discarded Image: Episode 01 Jaws
Film Terminology Presentation
Reviewing “The Shot: Mise-en-Scene”

HW:  review film terms for next Monday’s quiz!

Wed 1/31
Applying the reading to:

  • l’Avventura scene (1.40.15-)

Annotationg “On Style”

HW:  Annotation Overview and reading & annotating Hitchcock_on_Hitchcock stop at the top of the p. 291

Thurs 2/1

Fri 2/2
Finish reviewing “On Style”

Mon 2/5
Intro to Film Term & Mise-en-Scene Quiz

HW:  Hitchcock on Dick Cavett – Take notes on the following clip of Hitchcock on Dick Cavett

  • What new understanding do you have about Hitchcock’s approach to cinema from this clip?
  • What new terms does he explain/use?

Tues 2/6
Overview of final assignment

Introduction to Rear Window and discussion questions

  • What is Hitchcock’s purpose with Rear Window?  What is he trying to say?
  • How does he construct and achieve this purpose?
    • Shots
    • Scenes
    • Film Techniques

HW: Locate and start watching film for Hitchcock project.  Film should be completely viewed with accompanying notes for Friday’s class.

Wed 2/7
cont. Rear Window

HW:  cont. watching and notetaking other Hitchcock film

Thurs 2/8
finish Rear Window and response

HW:  cont. watching and notetaking on other Hitch film

Friday 2/9
Finish watching Rear Window

Outlining a response to Rear Window

Review of Notes, choosing scene, finding online clip

HW: Finding the scene online, locating supporting clips, outlining the analysis

Convert your clip to a downloadable file. To do this:
1) Go to
2) Copy and paste the link from youtube into the URL field and hit “continue” to the right of the box.
3) When the name of the video comes up, select mp4 from the list of options and click “Start” at the bottom
4) You’ll be taken to a new screen; click “Download.” The file should be in your downloads folder.
5) Email the mp4 file to yourself.
Scene selection – complete the form below.

Mon 2/12
In class work day

HW:  thesis and outline

Tues 2/13

Wed 2/14
In class work day with clips and analysis

Click here for directions on editing in iMovie

HW:  submit google doc with draft and link to clip by Thursday at 2.05

Thurs 2/16
In class work day with clips and analysis

Click here for directions on editing in iMovie

HW:  submit google doc with draft and link to clip by today at 2.05 and enjoy the break!

Mon 2/26
Revising the script and editing

Tues 2/27
In-class editing day

Wed 2/28
In-class editing day

HW:  submit link/film to google classroom


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