Sophomore Writing Portfolio

Sophomore Writing Portfolio Due Wednesday, 5/17 at beginning of class

The time has arrived to compile your best pieces from the year into a writing portfolio.

What to include:

  • A Thesis Essay–choose from:
    • Short Story Essay (A&P, The Dungeon Master, Where are you going.., or The Rules of the Game)
    • Lord of the Flies Essay
  • Personal Essay
    • Who are you?
    • Catcher in the Rye *if you did the personal narrative option
    • Personal Narrative for Lit Circle Unit (Object, My Biggest Mistake, or Journey)
  • Choice Piece
    • Catcher in the Rye creative assignment
    • Sonnets
    • Fruit Poems
    • A second thesis essay or personal essay
  • Writer’s Narrative
    • A new piece to be written during class on Tues 5/16


Day 1
Revision for those of you in class

HW: 2017 10th grade writer reflection directions and view the video below for a model

Day 2
cont. revision

HW:  Come to class prepared with your outline for the Writer’s Reflection. Bring clean copies of your writing portfolio to class on Friday.  Full portfolio due at end of class.

Day 3
Writing the writer’s narrative in class

Hand in portfolio