Representing Teenagers

Essential Questions
1. How do media messages construct an image of teens?

2. Do the representations of teens in media convey truths about the experience, set societal expectations, or both?

3. If the idea is that adolescence is a time “personal and social crisis,” then what new narratives should be created to accurately depict the contemporary teen?

4. Is there a shared teen experience or does each generation have a unique experience?

What you should know because of this unit:

  • The teenager is a modern construct
  • The representation of teens in the media is created by directors, art directors, writers, etc who have a point of view and are in a position of power
  • Youth movements have generated social change throughout the past century
  • Your voice is valid and should be heard!!!

Final Assignment

  • Representing the contemporary teen in a video essay

Mon 5/16

The Creation of the Teenager & Representation

  • Overview
  • What in your mind is the most accurate representation of a teenager on screen?  Explain.

Watching the following clips, answer the following:

  1. How are teens represented?
  2. Who is the representation supposed to appeal toward?
  3. Does the image get at a particular truth about adolescence?

Tues 5/17
Journal 08 Assigned

Pick up with Beach Blanket Bingo

  • What do the representations have in common?
  • What changes do you notice over time?

Wed 5/18

Starting Teenage on Netflix

  • What trends do you notice?  What are the “things” that unite these youth groups?  Be specific.
  • What about your generation?  How is your generation similar to the movements in the early 1900s?  Different?  Be specific.
  • How does the history that you’ve seen here align/not align with the representations we watched in class (before 1950)?

Thurs 5/19

Fri 5/20

cont. Teenage

Mon 5/23

Finish Teenage

Tues 5/24

Discussion about Teenage

  • Viewing questions
  • How was it made?

Overview of Teen Representation Final Assignment

Assigning roles

Wed 5/25-Tues 5/31
Research and collaboration

Thurs 6/2-Friday 6/3
Storyboarding and assembling

Assigning any filming

Mon 6/6 & Tues 6/7

Wed 6/8
Screening of final project

Reflections due

  • What did you learn both in terms of content and process?
  • What were your individual contributions to the group?  How did it go?



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