Q2 Reading

Why do we read?  How does it benefit the reader?

Addressing Our Year Long Essential Questions

  • How can we understand the relationship between the individual and society?
  • In what ways does experience inform identity?

Reading Rubric–Expectations

Finish Reading Book by Monday 1/9

Project Due Friday 1/13

Brainstorming Ideas for Project

More brainstorming exercises and Q2 Cretive Assignment
To help you further brainstorm, let’s look at the rubric and work through some possible brainstorming.

Working Through the Problem Choose three of the following exercises to spur your creativity.

1. Create Some Distance—Imagine that you were not creating this for a school assignment. What inspired you about the character or theme of the book? What would you create just thinking about those ideas?

2. Be Absurd

from dictionary.com
ab·surd [ab-surd, -zurd] adjective
1.utterly or obviously senseless, illogical, or untrue; contraryto all reason or common
sense; laughably foolish or false:an absurd explanation.

What absolutely is the most obviously senseless, illogical form of a reading response? Describe.

3. Use Bad Moods—Sometimes we wallow in our sadness or anger, but they can also fuel our creativity. If creating a visual response that is truly creative has you in a bad mood, describe why. What would you rather the assignment be?

4. Combine Opposites—Set up possible opposites of what a reading response traditionally is. What is the exact opposite? Describe at least two.

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