Poetry, Careful Observation, and Critical Thinking

Essential Questions

  • What is poetry? What is the human impulse to use words to create patterns of sound, meaning, and visual aesthetics?
  • How does poetry force us to think and look differently at the world?
  • How does poetry deepen our understanding of the ways that writers use poetic language, techniques, and devices to construct meaning while also providing pleasure?
  • What are some of the distinctive features of different poetry movements including style, structure, and theme?  How do these features help to shape meaning?


  • The Canterbury Tales, Geoffrey Chaucer (General Prologue, Wife of Bath’s Tale, Miller’s Tale, Reeve’s Tale, Pardoner’s Tale, Franklin’s Tale, Shipman’s Tale, Nun’s Priest Tale)
  • Chevrefoil, Marie de France
  • Teacher and student-selected Poems


Thurs 3/5

HW:  Poetry

Tues 2/5
Ms. Luhtala presentation on selecting poets

  • Database list of living poets
  • Choose a poem

HW:  Select canon poet, choose 3 of their best known works, and notes on the poet’s background and work

Wed 2/6
cont. Presentations

HW:  Poetic forms packet

Thurs 2/7
cont. Presentations

HW:  More research on your poet, selection of poet, and google form for choice

Fri 2/8

Mon 2/11
Presentations cont.

HW: Poetry: Sound and Space posted on classroom

Tues 2/12
cont. presentations

Wed 2/13
cont. presentations

Thurs 2/14
finish presentations

Fri 2/15
Enjoy the break!  Read something!!!

Mon 2/25
One last presentation

Multiple I reflection

HW:  Review poetic forms and poems from that packet

Tues 2/26
Poetic forms and poems

HW:  choosing poems for project

Wed 2/27

All art is in dialogue with what has come before it

  • Mini-lesson on Romantic and Modernist poetry

Conferencing with Ms. Weeks and Writing Center

Continuing to find and explicate all 5 poems for portfolio

Thurs 2/28

Fri 3/1
Conferencing with Ms. Weeks and Writing Center

Continuing to find and explicate all 5 poems for portfolio

HW:  Researching and outlining for the pitch

Mon 3/4
Writing the pitch

Include MLA citations and Bibliography

HW:  Finish writing the pitch

Tues 3/5
Writing the 1st poem analysis

Wed 3/6
Writing the 2nd poem analysis

Thurs 3/7
Revision, conference, and perfecting the pitch

HW: Poetry Reading Portfolio due tomorrow at beginning of class

Fri 3/8
Medieval Poetry

Mon 3/11
Making the pitch


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