Per 6 Who Are You?

This unit is our way of getting to know each other by addressing the essential question:

  • In what ways does experience inform identity?

Specifically, you are addressing how you became the reader and/or writer you are through a personal essay

Thurs 8/30
In class:  Hello!  and Welcome

  • Introductions

Signing up for Remind

HW:  Read and sign syllabus & visit the website.  You’re here…you made it.

  • Make sure you understand content & policies
  • Bookmark the page
  • Fill out the “By the Book Form”

Fri 8/31
What do you want the class to look like and feel like for the year?

Defining respect for the year

  • What are your expectations of how others will demonstrate respect in the class?
  • What are your expectations of your teacher to demonstrate respect in the class?
  • Contract

HW: Reading Ocean Vuong’s “Surrendering” and answering reading questions on google classroom

Tues 9/4
“Surrendering” discussion

  • Reviewing questions
  • Language that stands out to you

Library book talks and independent reading assignment

HW:  Reading your book and posting the title and why you chose it on classroom

Wed 9/5

Thurs 9/6
Reading Time

QW:  Do you believe that you are a math person or an English person? Or do you believe you believe one can be good at both? Describe how you came to that belief.

QW: What makes a sentence beautiful?

Using the criteria, go “digging” in “Surrendering” for beauty.

  • What do you notice?
  • What feeling, idea, or event is the sentence conveying?
  • How does the writer “do it”?
  • Is there any repetition or other literary devices?
  • What specific word choice stands out to you?
  • What is special, exciting, powerful, or summoning about this sentence?

Using our list of what writers do to create beautiful sentences, students will write their own.

Jhumpa Lahiri’s “Trading Stories: Notes on an Apprenticeship”

    • Reading and answering questions

HW: finish reading and answering questions

Fri 9/7
“Trading Stories”

Working with your group answer the following:

    • What is the structure of Lahiri’s “Trading Stories?”
    • Where is a sentence you like?  What do you like about it?
    • Where is a place she shows not tells?  Why is it effective?

Encyclopedia of an Reading & Writing Life brainstorming exercise (see handout)
HW:  10 total entries to Encyclopedia of a Reading & Writing Life on Google Classroom!

Tues 9/11
Reading time and overview for conferences

Sharing encyclopedic entries

Overview of assignment

Begin pre-writing

HW:  Pre-writing for Who Are You? on google classroom

Wed 9/12
Drafting essay and conferencing for essay and independent reading

HW:  continue drafting

Thurs 9/13
Drafting essay and conferencing for essay and independent reading

Mini lesson on ‘showing not telling’

HW:  Highlighting an area where you worked on ‘showing not telling’ and language

Fri 9/14
Drafting essay and conferencing for essay and independent reading

Final work day 

HW:  Turn in draft on google classroom

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