Per 4 Macbeth

Something wicked this way comes!

Essential Questionsmacbeth3_1783052b

1. How are the themes in the play Macbeth related to our contemporary culture and lives?

2.  Are we a product of nature, nurture or both?

3.  Can we achieve what we want without sacrificing who we are?

4.  How do we deal with an imperfect world?

5.  What does it mean to be a man?  What does it mean to be a woman?

What you should be able to do as a result of this unit…

  • Identify and support themes within the play
  • Relate the themes of the play to contemporary times and issues
  • Understand and explain the use of Shakespeare’s language related to theme

Final Assignment

  • A thoroughly contemporary adaptation

Thursday 5/10

NPG 2561; Queen Elizabeth I ('The Ditchley portrait') by Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger

Intro to Renaissance England & Sonnets

What is a sonnet?
Spenser, Sidney, and Shakespeare’s Sonnets
How to Read a Sonnet

Paraphrasing Spenser’s “Sonnet 1” together


Fri 5/11
Groups working with their own sonnet

  • Spenser “Sonnet 35”
  • Spenser “Sonnet 75”
  • Sidney “Sonnet 31”
  • Sidney “Sonnet 39”

Presentations on Poems

HW: Personal Journey Essay due Monday

Mon 5/14
Writing Our Own Sonnets

  • Sonnets about love (no pets!)

Extra Credit–Write your sonnet in iambic pentameter!

HW:  Finish sonnet

Tues 5/15
Writing the sonnet explication

Revising the Op-ed and working on the Adobe Spark

Wed 5/16
Revising the Op-ed and working on the Adobe Spark

Thurs 5/17

Fri 5/18
Revising the Op-ed and working on the Adobe Spark

HW: Adobe Spark Op-ed due Tuesday

Mon 5/21
Revising the Op-ed and working on the Adobe Spark

HW: Adobe Spark Op-ed due Tuesday (tomorrow!)

Tues 5/22
Intro to Macbeth

  • Read the character overviews and themes
  • Improvisation-Each group will receive a scenario that they will need to create a short skit for.
    • Push back the desks!
    • Practice your skit.  You have 4 minutes!
    • Perform for the class
    • Discuss
      • What were the different decisions made?
      • What were the different moods of the scenes?
  • Reading 1.1
    • Each person reads a line, going around the room
    • Listening to rhythm and understanding the Witches’ prophecy

Wed 5/23
Warm ups and overview to our approach

Reading 1.2

  • Understanding content and tone
  • Walking and talking it out

Thurs 5/24
Warm Up

  •  Watch this video on Shakespeare’s language
    • What bloody man is that?  How can he report, as seemeth by his plight, of the revolt of the newest state?
  • Summarize what he’s saying here.  Each take a turn saying as naturally as possible.  What difference do you notice from the first read through?

Pick up with 1.2.

  • Need volunteers for Malcolm, Lennox, Ross, and Duncan
  • Read through once all the way through
  • Second read through:  summarize what each character is saying

Take out your journals: We’ve read 2 scenes so far and have heard about Macbeth but have yet to meet the man.  What have people said about him so far?  Who are you expecting to meet?  What will he look like?  Act like?  Use the text to support your ideas.  What word choice is important in understanding Macbeth?

Thurs 5/24
Reading 1.3

  • How do Macbeth and Banquo each feel about the Witches’ predictions?
  • What is their relationship?
  • What’s your impression of Duncan?
  • How does Macbeth feel now that Malcolm has been named prince of Cumberland?

HW:  Journal Response:  Who is a modern-day figure you believe relates to Macbeth’s character from what we’ve read so far?  Describe who s/he  is and how s/he relates to Macbeth.  Cut out or print a picture of your Macbeth for our casting wall.

Fri 5/25
Portfolio Assignment

Finish reading 1.3 and 1.4

HW: Choose pieces for portfolio and fill out revision plan

Mon 5/28

No School – Memorial Day

Tues 5/29

Portfolio Revision Day

Wed 5/30


Thurs 5/31

Portfolio Revision Day

Review of Writer’s Reflection

HW: Printed out copy of outline for Writer’s Reflection

Fri 6/1

Writer’s Reflection and submit portfolio

Mon 6/4

Aspects of Performance

  • Reviewing connotation & denotation, stressing stress, inflection, and non-verbal communication
  • How do these techniques change the meaning and understanding of the text?

HW:  Annotating Act 1 Scene 4 for aspects of performance.  Be sure to provide information on all areas.

Tues 6/5
With your group, performing the scene

Reading 1.5

  • What type of woman is Lady Macbeth?
  • Describe M & LM’s relationship

HW:  Tonight you’re casting 3 assigned characters other than Macbeth

  • Cut out a picture or draw a picture of who you would cast to play your three characters .  If choosing famous people, choose the person based on their qualities rather than a character they have played.
  • Write a brief paragraph explaining why you chose this person.  What physical features do they have that connect to the character?  What qualities do they possess that would make them a good choice for the character?

Table 1:  Witches (3)

Table 2: Banquo, Fleance, and Ross

Table 3: Duncan, Malcolm, and Donalbain

Table 4: Lady Macbeth, Angus, Macduff

Wed 6/6
Gallery of casting choices

Reading 1.6 & 1.7

Non-verbal communication practice
Understanding Subtext

  • Applying understanding of subtext to reading 
  • In lines 4-11, Banquo talks about a martlet (a common bird seen as a symbol of good luck).  What bird does Lady Macbeth say “croaks the fatal entrance of Duncan under my battlements (1.5.46)?  What is that bird a symbol of?  What is the irony (the unexpected)?
  • If Lady Macbeth told Macbeth to “act like the innocent flower but be the serpent under it” then what is her tone in lines 18-24?  How is she acting toward Duncan?

Thurs 6/7
Macbeth 1.7

Everyone stand up and practice the following gestures a few times:

  • Hook–cup your arm as if you are trying to pull an imaginary person toward you
  • Probe–with your finger point and twirl it around, as if you are asking a question
  • Deflect–“talk to the hand” put your hand up with palm forward

Hook, probe, deflect

  • Using the gestures of hooking, probing, and deflecting for scene 1.7
  • Line by line decide which gesture you’re going to use
  • Practice reading the scene
  • Mark up the text with each

Revising the hooking, probing, and deflecting.

  • What choices did you make?
  • How do the choices influence the way the lines should be said (tone, emphasis, inflection)?
  • How should the characters be moving on the stage?

Viewing Act I and Viewing Macbeth Act 1

Fri 6/8
finish Viewing Act 1 and discussion

Tossing Lines from Act II

Summarizing 2.1

Groups reading 2.1 & 2.2 together and answering questions on handouts

HW:  Finish reading and answering questions that weren’t completed in class (on your own)

Mon 6/11
Review Questions

Practice Promptbooks (see handout)

  • 2.2.1-73
  • Use promptbook questions
  • Acting out scene using promptbook

HW: Complete assigned role for group promptbook and performance

Tues 6/12


Wed 6/13

HW:Read 2.3&2.4 and answering questions on handout

Thurs 6/14
Working with groups and preparing the promptbook for 2.3 & 2.4 with groups

  • Completing full promptbook for assigned section 2.3 or 2.4
    • 2.3.1-45
    • 2.3.46-105
    • 2.3.106-170
    • 2.4

HW: Completing assigned roles for full promptbook for assigned section 2.3 or 2.4

Fri 6/15 
Performing Practice Promptbook

HW:  Reading 3.1

Thurs 5/4
Staging 3.1

  • “Taking Care of Banquo” handout
    • Read the scene, explaining what the characters are saying about one another
    • Opening and ending lines
    • Subtext, character’s feelings and motives, tone, who looks at whom when speaking
    • Using class suggestions, act out the scene
  • Macbeth’s soliloquy “Fruitless Crown”
  • Reading rest of the scene

3.2-Identifying Macbeth and Lady Macbeth’s Character Change

Fri 5/5
The Banquet Scene 3.4

  • Read lines 3.4.161-172
    • What happens in this scene?
    • What is M’s state in this scene?
    • What is LM’s state?
    • How has M changed?

HW:  Watch at least 15 min of a tv show tonight.  Identify the director’s use of 4 techniques from the list below and why s/he used them in your journal.

  • Zoom
  • Fade
  • Close-up
  • Tracking shot (the camera follows a character’s movements)
  • Cut (one shot ends and another point of view shot is placed next to it)
  • Establishing shot (a very far away shot that shows the setting to establish the scene is a place and time for the viewer)
  • Any other filming technique terms you may know

Mon 5/8
Quiz on Act 3

Summarize 3.5&3.6 (many think these scenes were not in the original)

4.1  Choral Reading 1-38 (see handout)

  • How do background sounds affect reading?
  • What is happening in this scene?

Tues 5/9

Wed 5/10
Staged Reading 4.1.39-177

  • What are M’s objectives?
  • What are his obstacles?
  • Is he able to overcome the obstacles?
  • Do the objectives change?

HW:  Finish reading Act 4 with your group and handout with discussion questions

Thurs 5/11
Review HW
Reading 5.1

  • What’s going on?
  • What kind of costume would you put LM in early in the play? Now?
  • What kind of lighting would you use?

Lady Macbeth Now and Then

  • Working with a partner, write your responses to your assigned lines in your journal
  • Practice saying the lines based on your understanding
  • Lady M Face to Face Performance

HW: Watch this contemporary adaptation of Macbeth

  • Where does the director stay true to the original text?
  • Where does he deviate?
  • What are your thoughts on some of the specific choices he made?

Fri 5/12
Overview of Sophomore Writing Portfolio

Choosing pieces and completing organizer

Mon 5/15
In class revision day and conferencing time

HW:  bring organizer for in class reflection for tomorrow and printed hard copies of your portfolios for tomorrow’s class

Tues 5/16

Wed 5/17

*Portfolio due

Writing in-class writing reflection for portfolio

HW:  Reading rest of Act 5

Thurs 5/18
Reviewing the rest of Act 5

Overview of the Final Assignment

Cutting the text

  • What is necessary to keep for understanding?

Next, you will brainstorm with your groups for your own adaptation

  • If Macbeth were taking place today, what setting/environment/context would place the play in?

Your group will then choose an act that you will adapt.  You will need to write why you chose that act.

  • You will take that scene from and make your prompt pages for the group
  • Assign roles and complete for homework
    • Promptbook questions
    • Company report
    • Character reports
    • Staging map
    • Costumes

Fri 5/19

Mon 5/22

In class work day

Tues 5/23 – Thyurs 5/25
In class work day – Assignment due Friday 5/26 at beginning of class