Per 4 Catcher

Love him or hate him, it’s time to get to know Holden Caulfield!

5802693786_c810e059d9_bEssential Questions:
1. In what ways do our experiences inform our identity?

2. How can we understand the relationship between the individual and society?

3. Which state is more desirable innocence or experience?

4. What does it mean to stay true to yourself?

5. What are the effects of alienation on the indvidual?

What you should be able to do after this unit:

1.  Deepen your critical reading skills
2.  Identify and discuss how motifs contribute to the theme of a work
3.  Understand how experiences contribute to character transformation
4.  Identify areas where a narrator may not be telling the whole truth and discuss how that contributes to the theme of a work and the power of storytelling

Final-Assignment Final Assignment:

Student Choice of Personal Narrative or Creative Piece (more details to follow…)

  • We’ll be brainstorming and practicing with each kind

Tues 10/17
Intro to Catcher

  • I say “we’re reading a book written in 1945, what images, thoughts, themes, etc. come to mind?
  • Post war America

HW:  Google classroom:  Catcher Pre-reading

Wed 10/18
Review homework
Pick up with NYC Images

QW:  Describe the social scene here at NCHS.  Where do you fit in?

HW:  Reading journal for chapters 1 & 2

Thurs 10/19
Reading Q1 Books

Reviewing Reading Pre-Assessment

Initial Understanding of Holden

HW:  Reading journal for chapters 3

Fri 10/20
Reading Q1 Books

Adding to our initial understanding of Holden

How does Holden modify events in his memory in order to suit his emotional needs?
(page 3 — unreliable narrator & denotation and connotation)

*Bring in your book for Monday’s class

Mon 10/23
Reading quarter reading books *Journal Due Friday!!!

Tues 10/24

Wed 10/25
QW:  How can the feeling of alienation affect the individual?  How might someone who is feeling alienated feel and behave?

HW:  finish Holden’s reaction and reading and journal entries for Q1 Books Due Friday!

Thurs 10/26
Symbols and Motifs

Reading journal for 4 & 5 — Include 1 motif & 1 symbol (at least!)

HW: Reading Q1 books & journal entries due tomorrow at 2.05

Friday 10/27
Sharing ‘Holden on Costume Day’ Responses

Finish reading Chapters 4 & 5

HW:  Finish reading 6-8 and reading journal entry for Wednesday

On the Catcher reading journal – 3 quotes for chapter 6 and 1 quote for chapter 7 and one quote from chapter 8

Mon 10/30
Reviewing annotations

  • Examining Quotes about Jane Gallagher & Allie
  • Patterns and understanding Holden’s internal and external conflicts

HW:  Catcher Reading Journal Chapters 9-10

Tues 10/31
Tracing Holden’s Saturday so far

  • What emotional state is he in?
  • What physical state is he in?

Re-enacting the Mrs. Morrow Scene

  • How Holden says it happened?
  • How do you think it went down?
    • What does this reveal about Holden’s character and his internal conflict?

HW: Consider the pattern of details in the scene with the phone call with Faith Cavendish and the scene with the three witches and write a response to each of the following questions:

  • What patterns do you see in these two instances that lead you to see inconsistency and unreliability in Holden? What insight does this give you to Holden and his internal conflicts and unresolved issues?
  • Pick either Faith or one of the three witches and consider her point of view. How would their experience differ from Holden’s portrayal? How does he come across to them?  Write from their perspective, describing the encounter?

Wed 11/1
P/u with 5th group with Holden & Mrs. Morrow

Faith call (bottom of 63-66 & 3 witches 70-75)

Sharing homework
Acting out scene from the other character’s perspective

HW:  Reading journal for Chapter 11-13

Thurs 11/2
Holden’s Reaction to Are You Popular?

  • writing and submitting on
  • Reading aloud paragraphs

HW:  Catcher reading journal 14&15

Fri 11/3

Mon 11/6
Library Book Talks for Q2 Books

  • What did you read Q1?  Share with the group
  • New ideas

HW:  Read 15 pages of new book

Tues 11/7
No School – Election Day

Wed 11/8
Q2 Book Reading Day

Thurs 11/9
Holden’s Patterns of Behavior and Emotions (on google classroom)

HW:  Reading Chapter 16 with journal entry *Bring Q2 reading books tomorrow

Fri 11/10
Reading Q2 Books for 15 min

Catching up with Catcher

  • What transformation has Holden undergone thus far?
  • What has happened to him?

HW:  Catcher readnig journal 17&18

Mon 11/13
Reviewing Chapters 17&18

Choose one or more of the prompts below:

  • Consider a time when you disagreed with a friend or a parent. If you were telling that story to another friend, how would you tell it with emotional embellishment? Write that version.
  • Remember a time when you tried to impress someone you had your eye on at the pool/beach. At school? When you ran into them in town? At a party? Now pick one of those moments and write the story the way you wished it had happened.
  • Think about a time in which you did or said something embarrassing in front of your friends or people you don’t know. Now tell that story but in a way that it wasn’t really your fault or that you come out not as embarrassing.

HW:  Reading chapter 19 – pay attention to details where Holden may not be telling the whole truth.

Tues 11/14
Reviewing 19

  • What would Carl say about his encounter with Holden?
    • Identify 2 quotes that reveal Holden’s behavior and emotions during their meeting.
  • What is Carl’s motivation for meeting with Holden?
    • Identify 2 quotes that suggest Carl’s motivation for meeting up with Holden.

HW:  Reading journal 20 & 21

Wed 11/15
Reading Chapter 22 together

  • What does this chapter reveal about Holden?
  • What are the events that have shaped Holden’s emotional life?
  • Tracking Holden’s emotional pain – what is the impact on him?

Visually mapping Holden’s emotional journey while leaving room for the end

  • With your group, create a visual representation of Holden’s emotional journey.  How you choose to represent this journey is up to you, but you must include the following:
    • Include 6 stops/places/events/indicators with corresponding quote about his emotional truth at this moment
    • Include also a prediction for the end – Remember his question he has in the back of his mind, is where will he go and you know that he ends up in a hospital in LA.  What happens between being at home and getting to LA?

HW:  Catcher 23 & 24

Thurs 11/16

Fri 11/17

Holden’s interaction with Mr. Antolini

Reading 25 & 26

HW:  finish reading Catcher and read Q2 books

Monday 11/20
Reviewing the end

Presenting the visual maps of Holden’s emotional journey

HW:  Read over comments for lit essay and finish Catcher journal if you haven’t already

Tues 11/21

In class RTL

  • What is Holden’s transformation from the beginning to the end?
  • What are his key catalysts for change?

HW:  Bring Q2 Books for Wednesday’s class

Wed 11/22
Reading Q2 books

HW:  Have a Happy Thanksgiving and keep reading!

Mon 11/27
Assignment Overview

Narrative structure

Brainstorming &proposal

HW:  Get proposal in and start outlining or drafting

Tues 11/28

Wed 11/29
Drafting day & conferencing

Thurs 11/30
Drafting day & conferencing

Fri 12/1
Narrative due