Per 6 Secret Life of Bees

Essential Questions:
1. In what ways do our experiences inform our identity?

2. How can we understand the relationship between the individual and society?

3. To whom do we have a responsibility: our parents; society; or ourselves?

4. How do our relationships with others affect our identity?

What you should be able to do as a result of this unit:

  • Demonstrate an exceptional ability to annotate by utilizing all types of margin notes
  • Articulate an understanding of the text as a whole, using examples from the text to support your understanding
  • Identify and support ideas about “symbolism” and “theme”
  • Discuss and support ideas about a character’s change

Final Assignment

  • Literary analysis essay

Tues 12/4
*Catcher essay due

Reading Independent Books

Turning in assignment and Writing Center conference form
Writing reflection

Wed 12/5
Reflecting on the Catcher Assignment

Thurs 12/6
“Blackberry-Picking” by Seamus Haney

  • Simile
  • Metaphor
  • Personification
  • Symbolism
  • Diction
  • Alliteration
  • Assonance
  • Consonance
  • Onomatopoeia
  • Rhyme

Multiple readings of the poems

  • First read – “I see”
  • Second read – “Lumping”

Questions for discussion

  • How does Heaney describe the blackberries?
  • What are the different stages?
  • What movement is there in the poem?
  • What might Heaney be saying?

Fri 12/7
Pre-writing our own fruit poems

Mon 12/10
Writing the fruit poem

  • Working with diction, figurative language, sound devices and structure

Tues 12/11

Wed 12/12
Writing the poem reflection

Intro to The Secret Life of Bees

Reading to break on page 16

  • Identify a quote that reveals insight for characters of Lily, T. Ray, and Deborah
  • Identify a quote that reveals insight for the bees

Thurs 12/13
Working with quotes and initial understanding

In-class reading of rest of chapter 1

Fri 12/14
Turn to a neighbor and share 2 of your annotations from the rest of chapter 1

  • If there’s a quote or detail you’d like to add to yours, add it

Read the epigraph on the handout with your table and discuss what significance you believe the quote has

  • When starting a new chapter, read the epigraph first for literal meaning.  After you finish reading the chapter, go back and think about its symbolic moment.

Read chapter 2 and annotate on the handout – finish whatever is left over the weekend

Mon 12/17
Finish the handout from Friday

  • Epigraphs
  • Paragraph about what stood out to you from the reading

Reading independent books

  • Tweet about your book on google classroom

Tues 12/18
Chapter 3 – The Secret Life of Bees

  • Epigraph
  • Annotations
  • Writing about the first part

HW:  Finish handout and reading Chapter 3

Wed 12/19
Chapter 4

  • Reading in groups and answering the reading questions

HW:  Finish answering questions for Chapter 4

Thurs 12/20
Reading Chapter 5

  • Annotations
  • Intro to August and your thoughts about her

Fri 12/21
Drop – Enjoy the break!

Wed 1/2
Happy New Year!

Summarizing chapters 1-5

Finishing Chapter 5

HW:  Chapter 6 annotations

Thurs 1/3
Reading and annotating chapters 7 & 8

  • You and your group are going to read chapters 7 & 8 together.  Use this time to discuss your annotations and answer the question:
    • How has Lily begun to change based on her experiences at the Boatwright house?
    • Use the large paper to show that change.  Include 3 quotes with corresponding annotations from chapters 5, 6, and 7 that provide insight to this change.

HW:  Read chapter 7 to bottom of 123

Fri 1/4
Continue group work from yesterday.

  • Pick up reading with group

Mon 1/7
Reading Chapter 8 together and continuing to identify moments of insight/change for Lily

HW: Finish Chapter 8

Tues 1/8
Reviewing the change of Lily since being at the Boatwright’s

HW:  Read and annotate Ch 9 – pg. 179

Wed 1/9
Finish presentations

HW: Finish reading Ch 9

Thurs 1/10
Reviewing annotations for rest of Chapter 9

Reading Chapter 10 together (first few pages) before annotating for:

  • Lily
  • Mother (figures/daughter relationships)
  • Racism/prejudice
  • Metaphor of Bees
  • Other?

HW:  Read the rest of chapter 10

Fri 1/11

Mon 1/14
Choosing annotations from Chapter 10

What is a theme in the passage?  Choose ONE of the following quotations and analyze how the author uses literary elements such as metaphor, imagery, motif, and/or symbolism to effectively develop that theme? (Please indicate which quotation you are responding to by indicating the letter.)

  • August closed her eyes, used her fingers to smooth out the skin on her forehead.  I saw a shiny film across her eyes–the beginning of tears.  Looking at her eyes, I could see a fire inside them.  It was a hearth fire you could depend on, you could draw up to and get warm by if you were cold, or cook something on that would feed the emptiness in you.  I felt like we were all adrift in the world, and all we had was the wet fire in August’s eyes.  But it was enough.  (181)

HW:  Read and annotate chapter 11

Tues 1/15
Reviewing Chapter 11

Reading Chapter 12 together

HW: Finish chapter 12

Wed 1/16
Preparing for the exam

Short story with 2 RTLs on character development and theme using literary devices

Tues 1/22

Thurs 1/24
Second Semester starts

Fri 1/25
Reading Chapter 13

Mon 1/28
Finishing the novel

HW:  Finish reading and annotating

Tues 1/29
Reviewing the end with annotations and response

HW:  Preparing for Socratic Seminar

Wed 1/30

Thurs 1/31
Socratic Seminar

HW: Respond to two questions for reflection on the socratic seminar

Fri 2/1

HW: Reading essay assignment and submitting working thesis

Mon 2/4
Reviewing thesis

Topic Sentences

HW:  Evidence for body 1

Tues 2/5
Opening short story lit essay and re-reading feedback.  After reading, reflect on what you need to work on with this lit essay on the doc on google classroom.

Then, include your thesis and draft your first body paragraph for The Secret Life of Bees essay

HW: finish drafting

Wed 2/6
Outlining body 2 & 3

HW:  finish the outlining for bodies 2 & 3

Thurs 2/7
Outlining Body 4

HW:  Outlining Introduction

Fri 2/8
Outlining conclusion

Revising body 1 and using feedback in drafting

Mon 2/11

Tues 2/12
Drafting day

Wed 2/13
Drafting day

Using semi-colons and creating a title

Thurs 2/14
Essay due

Book choices for next unit

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