Multiple “I”

Continuing our discussion of identity, students are asked to consider how identity is often not singular or fixed as represented in four contemporary novels.  Each of the novels in this unit are centered around protagonists whose identity is “both/and,” focusing on multiplicity of the protagonist rather than singularity.  In reading these texts, students will consider their own relationship with the idea of multiplicity and the ways in which their self-identities are “both/and” through reading the texts.

Mon 11/19
Concept of Multiple “I”

Overview of text choices

Reading poems with groups

HW: Book Choice

Tues 11/20
Discussing poems individually and how they are in conversation with each other

Book groups

Wed 11/21
Great Expectations

HW:  Enjoy the break and read first 50 pages of book

Mon 11/26
Passage response

HW: Reading feedback on draft and drafting

*Requirement meet with me or Writing Center on part of your draft.  You should come to the conference with an area of focus.  You could choose to focus on a paragraph, analysis, lead ins to quotes, etc.

Tues 11/27
Drafting and conferencing day on Frankenstein

Wed 11/28

Thurs 11/29
Continue drafting and conferencing

Fri 11/30
Drafting and conferencing

HW:  Draft due

Mon 12/3
Drafting and conferencing

Essay due Tuesday at beginning of class on clasroom and

Tues 12/4
Writing Reflection

Unsubmit the reflection that you wrote before you wrote your essay and now respond to the prompt:

  • How did the writing of the essay go?  You said you were going to focus on specific aspects of writing based on your first essay; how did you address them?  What do you believe the strengths are of this essay?  What would you like to continue to have feedback on?
  • Print out a hard copy of the reflection before the end of class.  Make sure your name is on it and turn in.

HW:  First journal response for Multiple I reading

Wed 12/5
Overview of unit, expectations, and assignments

Sign up for discussion days

Set reading schedule with your group

Thurs 12/6
Reading Day

Fri 12/7
Discussion 1

  • Swing Time
  • Invisible Man

Mon 12/10

Tues 12/11

Discussion 1

  • Middlesex
  • Sympathizer

Wed 12/12
Journal Entry 2

Thurs 12/13
Discussion 2

  • Swing Time
  • Invisible Man

Groups not discussing Journal 3

Fri 12/14
Discussion 2

  • Middlesex
  • Sympathizer

Groups not discussing Journal 3

Mon 12/17</strong
Discussion 3

  • All groups

Tues 12/18
Reading day

Wed 12/19

Thurs 12/20
Discussion 4

  • All groups

Fri 12/21
Journal 4

Finish books for 1/4

Wed 1/2
Reading day and preparing for final discussion

Thurs 1/3
Discussion 5 & Reflection

Fri 1/4
Journal Entry 5

Mon 1/7
Overview of Assignment

Re-looking at the self-portraits in consideration of who you are now

  • Experiences reading the texts
  • Experiences throughout the fall

Journal Writing

Tues 1/8
Brainstorming and developing the proposal

Wed 1/9
Presenting the proposal

  • What have these texts made you (re)consider about yourself?  How have the novels created meaning for you?
  • What aspects of the novels are important in relation to your project?
  • What form will it take?  How does the form support what you have to say?

Thurs 1/10


Fri 1/11
Cont. proposals

HW:  Start working on project

Mon 1/12
Exam Review

Passage Response

Tues 1/13
Exam Review


Wed 1/14
In class project workshop

End of class project update

Wed 1/23

Thurs 1/24
Participation Reflection

HW: continuing the Multiple I project

Fri 1/25
Working with groups to create rubric

In class project workshop

Mon 1/28
In-class project workshop

Tues 1/29

Wed 1/30
In-class project workshop

Thurs 1/31
Final in-class project workshop

Friday 2/1
Projects due

Begin performances and presentations