Multiple “I”

Continuing our discussion of identity, students are asked to consider how identity is often not singular or fixed as represented in four contemporary novels.  Each of the novels in this unit are centered around protagonists whose identity is “both/and,” focusing on multiplicity of the protagonist rather than singularity.  In reading these texts, students will consider their own relationship with the idea of multiplicity and the ways in which their self-identities are “both/and” through reading the texts.

Wed 1/8
Choosing essay for submission for Semester 1 Portfolio & Revision

HW: Revision

Thurs 1/9
Practice Multiple Choice

HW: Revision

Fri 1/10
Writing the Writing Reflection and Self-Assessment

Essay for grading due Monday

Mon 1/13
Passage Analysis

HW: Reading first 20 pages of choice books

Tues 1/14
Initial impressions journal response

HW: Reading 20 pages of your choice books

Wed 1/15

Thurs 1/16
Reviewing the passage response – questions for exam

Fri 1/24
Personal/Behavioral Engagement Reflection

Reviewing the exam

HW: continue on reading schedule

Mon 1/27 – Friday 1/31
Creating self-portraits

Continue with Reading Schedule

Journals 1 & 2

Discussion 1

Mon 2/3 – Fri 2/7
Continuing with Reading Schedule

Journal 3

Discussion 2

Mon 2/10 – Thurs 2/13
Finishing the book

Journal 4

Discussion 3

Mon 2/24
Overview of Final Assignment

  • What have these texts made you (re)consider about yourself?  How have the novels created meaning for you?
  • What aspects of the novels are important in relation to your project?
  • What form will it take?  How does the form support what you have to say?


Tues 2/25
Final Journal Response

Wed 2/26
Final Discussion and reflection

Thurs 2/27
Discussion Self-reflection

Proposal for the final composition

Fri 2/28 – Tues 3/3
Composition Day

Thurs 3/5
Presentation of final composition

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