H Visual Culture

Essential Questions

  • bansky_warholWhat is the human impulse to re-present the world around us in image form?
  • What is the value of art?
  • Is an image able to capture “truth”?
  • What meaning does an “original” contain? What meaning does a “reproduction” have?

Students will know and be able to…

  • Define and discuss current topics and terms of visual culture
  • Apply the concepts of visual culture to the films and readings part of this unit

Tues 10/30
*Printed drafts of Dancer review due at 2.05

Intro to Visual Culture

What is the human impulse to re-present the world around us?

What is art?  Is this art?

  • Define what art is
  • Evaluate images and whether they are art or not

Reading Mary Anne Staniszewski’s Chapter “What is Art” from Believing Is Seeing

HW:  Response in classroom – According to Staniszewski, why is Duchamp’s Fountain Art?

Wed 10/31

Thurs 11/1
Writing Q1 Reflection

Fri 11/2

cont. What is art?

Watching an excerpt of Cave of Forgotten Dreams (9.20-19.02 & 1.01.16 -45.13)

HW: Tracking the visuals in your world

Our world is saturated with images.  From the phones in our hands to pumping gas with an advertisement and/or the news playing on a screen, we increasingly communicate and use visual language (think of the difference between old social media like Twitter and newer social media like Instagram and Snapchat).

With this in mind, I’m asking you to pay attention to the images you encounter as part of your experience and to keep a journal of those images.  This is an opportunity not only to think consciously about the images that make up your visual world, but also for you to start thinking about the visuals you enjoy and look at.  Your journal should keep a running log of images you both pay attention to regularly and those that you notice consciously because of the assignment.

The journal should include some images, so if you’re working digitally you can include screenshots and pictures taken of the images out in the world.  If you’re working old-school paper, then maybe print out a few of those images and screenshots to paste into your journal.

Pick either Saturday or Sunday to keep track.  You will encounter images everywhere, so if you think you’re not ask yourself what images am I seeing.  Stop signs count.  Logos on clothing count.  Which ones will you pay attention to and reflect upon.

Come into class ready to share these observations and do some reflecting upon the images you encounter and what it says about your visual world.

Mon 11/5

In-class reading annotating Practices of Looking (Introduction)

HW: Reading and annotating Practices of Looking to p 34 (Value of Images Section)

Tues 11/6
No school for you – Election Day

Wed 11/7
Reading the remaining sections of Practices of Looking (Value and Icons)

Working with your group on a poster that focused on the ideas in your section

Group – Identifying the main ideas in Practices of Looking

  • Images, Power, Politics and Representation 9-16
  • Myth of Photographic Truth 16-22
  • Images & Ideology 22-26
  • Negotiating Meaning 26-33
  • Value of Images 34-36
  • Image Icons 36-46
  • Working with your assigned group, you will identify the new and significant information, key terms, and confusing information
  • Apply the information to discuss one of the images from the text
  • Decide on one image to use  to help support the core concept from your section.

HW:  Reading and annotating Berger’s Ways of Seeing

Thurs 11/8
Presentations on Practices of Looking 

HW: Viewing Guide to Ways of Seeing episode 1

Fri 11/9
cont Practices of Looking 

Mon 11/12
finish Practices of Looking – Image Icons and Berger

  • Main ideas
  • Reflecting on your visual journal, what concepts of visual culture do you see?  Do the images in your visual culture function using these principles?

Introduction to Exit through the Gift Shop

Introduction to contemporary topics assignment

HW:  Revising Dancer review

Tues 11/13

Wed 11/14
continue Exit

HW:  response on Google classroom: What concept(s) of visual culture are present in the film? Remember Banksy is the director – the creator. So what concept is he addressing?

Thurs 11/15
finish Exit and unpacking the ideas as related to our unit

HW:  Preparing for Socratic Discussion

Fri 11/16
Discussion and reflection

HW:  Reflection and Plato’s Allegory of the Cave

Mon 11/19
Contemporary issues assignment
Experiencing the cave and how does it work with the rest of our unit

HW: Reviewing your journal of your visual culture and coming in with printed copies of images to work with for assignment

Tues 11/20
Working on creating your own appropriated pieces

Wed 11/21
Gallery show and reflection on what you took away from creating your own piece and working with the idea of appropriating images to say something new and what it helped you to understand about your own visual culture

Mon 11/26
Starting Marie Antoinette

Tues 11/27
Test on Visual Culture concepts

Wed 11/28
Marie Antoinette

HW:  Preparing for discussion

Thurs 11/29
finish Marie Antoinette

  • What is her purpose with the film?
  • How does she use a variety of elements and techniques to construct that purpose?

HW:  For tomorrow’s discussion, you are required to bring 3 discussion questions about the film and Coppola’s purpose and 3 quotes from the visual culture readings that we can use to discuss the film.

Fri 12/1
Backchannel discussion

HW: Assignment overview and proposal

Mon 12/4
Newsworthy Topics Presentation

Introduction to the multi-modal assignment

HW:  Writing the proposal

Tues 12/5
In-class conferences on the proposals

Gathering evidence and details related to your topic

HW:  continue gathering evidence and details

Wed 12/6

Thurs 12/7
Class work day and conferencing

Fri 12/8
Class work day and conferencing

Using youtube clips in Adobe Spark

HW:  Introduction and evidence due on Monday

Mon 12/11
In class discussion of Newsworthy Topics

HW:  continue making progress

Tues 12/12
Students receive feedback on intro and progress thus far

In-class work day

Wed 12/13
In-class work day

HW:  If you haven’t already, beginning the composition process in Adobe Spark.

  • How are you using images?
  • How are you arranging text and image on the page?

Thurs 12/14
In-class peer review

Friday 12/15
Final in-class work day.  Assignment due at 2.05 Monday even though we drop!

Mon 12/18
*Assignment Due

Tues 12/19
In-class reflection writing

Wed 12/20
Applying your learning to holiday viewing

Our units thus far:

  • Introduction to Cinematic Language
  • Hollywood vs. Foreign Cinema
  • Visual Culture

HW:  online discussion

Thurs 12/21
cont. holiday viewing

HW:  continued online discussion

Fri 12/22
finish holiday viewing

HW:  Have a wonderful break!  See you in the new year!