H Visual Culture

Essential Questions

  • bansky_warholWhat is the human impulse to re-present the world around us in image form?
  • What is the value of art?
  • Is an image able to capture “truth”?
  • What meaning does an “original” contain? What meaning does a “reproduction” have?

Students will know and be able to…

  • Define and discuss current topics and terms of visual culture
  • Apply the concepts of visual culture to the films and readings part of this unit

Wed 11/20
Intro to Visual Culture

What is the human impulse to re-present the world around us?

What is art?  Is this art?

  • Define what art is
  • Evaluate images and whether they are art or not

Reading Mary Anne Staniszewski’s Chapter “What is Art” from Believing Is Seeing

HW:  Response in classroom – According to Staniszewski, why is Duchamp’s Fountain Art?

Thurs 11/21

cont. What is art?

Watching an excerpt of Cave of Forgotten Dreams (9.20-19.02 & 38-48)

HW:  Reading and annotating the introduction to Practices of Looking

Mon 11/25

Reading and annotating Practices of Looking 

Tues 11/26
Working with your group on a poster that focused on the ideas in your section

Group – Identifying the main ideas in Practices of Looking

  • Images, Power, Politics and Representation 9-16
  • Myth of Photographic Truth 16-22
  • Images & Ideology 22-26
  • Negotiating Meaning 26-33
  • Value of Images 34-36
  • Image Icons 36-46
  • Working with your assigned group, you will identify the new and significant information, key terms, and confusing information
  • Apply the information to discuss one of the images from the text
  • Decide on one image to use  to help support the core concept from your section.

Mon 12/2
Presentations on Practices of Looking 

Tues 12/3

Finish presentations

Wed 12/4 – Thurs 12/5

Receive drafts back, revise, and create Adobe Spark page

Mon 12/9

Citing images

Viewing Guide to Ways of Seeing episode 1

Tues 12/10
Introduction to Exit through the Gift Shop

  • Who is Thierry?  What did he do prior to becoming Mr. Brainwash?  How is he portrayed in the film??
  • Who is Banksy?  How is he portrayed in the film?
  • What do the signifiers of the documentary genre signify in the film?  How is Banksy working and perhaps even appropriating the documentary sign?

Introduction to contemporary topics assignment

HW:  Revising Dancer review due tomorrow

Wed 12/11
What concept(s) of visual culture are present in the film? Remember Banksy is the director – the creator. So what concept is he addressing?

HW: Writing Reflection for homework

Thurs 12/12  – Friday 12/13
finish Exit and connecting using the film to discuss concepts of visual culture from Practices of Looking and Berger

HW: Is one more art than the other?

Mon 12/16
Discussion of Exit Through the Gift Shop

Tues 12/17-Fri 12/20
Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened

  • How does this film relate to the concepts of this unit?

Thurs 1/2
Finish Fyre

  • Applying quotes from readings

HW: Plato’s Allegory of the Cave & questions

Fri 1/3
Starting Marie Antoinette or Children of Men

  • How is the film constructed?
  • What seems to be his/her purpose with the film?
  • How does s/he use a variety of elements and techniques to construct that purpose?
  • What concepts of visual culture is the director working with?
  • What connections do you see with how Cuarón/Coppola works with images and the way Banksy and other street artists may work with images?

Mon 1/6 – Wed 1/8
Creating the cave, continuing films, and writing the response

Fri 1/10
Overview of final assignment

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