H Sr English & Film Final

Research Essay

For your final essay, your group will collaboratively research a topic that directly relates to the conversations this class has been having all semester.  Your essay should not only directly address a concept relevant to the course, but also apply this concept effectively to a visual medium.   Potential topics:

  • A director and his/her body of work as it relates to the concepts of the course
  • A film genre we haven’t covered and how it relates to the concepts of the course
  • Hitchcock’s body of work and the male gaze / the act of looking
  • Andy Warhol and representation / semiotics (sign=signifier/signified)
  • The connection between cave art and street art (the human impulse to make images)
  • The ways in which different artists/directors have used image icons
  • The value of art/cinema for our culture

Semester Portfolio Project

On the day of the exam, you will submit your semester writing portfolio. Your portfolio will include:

  • Title Page
  • Revised drafts of your Hitchcock, Visual Culture, Gender Representations / Gaze, and Research essays
  • *UConn Students will also include an introductory reflection piece Your introduction should address the following questions, though not necessarily in this order. It should take the form of a coherent essay, not simply a series of answers to the questions.
    • What are the conclusions you are making about the central ideas of the course? What is the conceptual understandings you are walking away with?
    • What important insights or approaches do your essays contribute to the class’s discussion of cinema and the practices of looking?
    • What did you learn about writing and your own writing process?

Thursday, 1/4
Checklist for gender / gaze essay

Assignment overview for the research project, group, general/basic research, and topic selection

HW:  Submit form on proposed topic

Friday, 1/5
College-level academic research with continued gathering and evaluating of sources

HW:  The research process begins!  You’re gathering and evaluating sources, pooling them together with your other group members on your shared document.  You should have 3 good sources for Monday’s class.

Monday, 1/8
cont. gathering, evaluating sources and reading each other’s contributions, begin to synthesize information

Tuesday, 1/9
Thesis and outlining, adding research as necessary

Wednesday, 1/10
Drafting & conferencing day

Thursday, 1/11
Drafting & conferencing day

Friday, 1/12

Monday, 1/15
No School – MLK Day

Tuesday, 1/16
Peer Review and revision


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