H Intro to Cinematic Language

Intro to Cinematic Language & What Does It Mean to Look

Essential Questions

  • What makes cinema a separate art form?
  • How do directors use cinematic language to express their art?
  • What does it mean “to look”?
  • What is the power of cinema?

Thurs 8/30

Syllabus Review

Attendance & responses

HW:  Complete the following (all docs on google classroom):

  • Review syllabus with parent/guardian and sign
  • Film questionnaire & Film Terminology Pre-test
  • Signup for Remind *required either by text or email
  • Questionnaire
  • Film Terminology Pre-test (this is for you to review from the summer work and is a completion grade – it is not graded for accuracy)

Fri 8/31

Tues 9/4
Vertov’s Man with a Movie Camera (up to 8.42)

“This experimental work aims at creating a truly international absolute language of cinema based on its total separation from the language of theatre and literature.”

  • What do you notice about the way the film is constructed?
  • What does your mind do as the images appear on the screen?
  • How does Vertov achieve a new language “based on its total separation from the language of theatre and literature”?

Film Terminology Review for test next week

HW: Annotation Overview and reading & annotating Hitchcock_on_Hitchcock

Wed 9/5
Collection of summer work and syllabi

Reviewing Hitch’s reading

Examples from the films that Hitchcock is addressing

  • Psycho
  • North by Northwest

HW: Hitchcock on Dick Cavett
Take notes on the following clip of Hitchcock on Dick Cavett

  • What new understanding do you have about Hitchcock’s approach to cinema from this clip?
  • What new terms does he explain/use?

Thurs 9/6
Continue reviewing Hitch & Film Terminology Review

  • The terminology you learn here is the foundation for all of the work we will do this semester.  It is imperative you not only understand the meaning of the terms but also begin to understand the way directors use techniques related to their purpose.

Fri 9/7
Counselors for senior meeting

HW: Reviewing terms for test on Wed

Tues 9/11

cont. to review terms

HW:  Review terms

Wed 9/12
Test on terms and intro concepts

HW:  Read overview of Anatomy of a Scene assignment and choose film.  After reading, fill out the form from UConn’s library for the steps for reading an assignment.  PRINT the completed form and bring to class tomorrow.

Submit film choice on google classroom and locate a copy of the film.  Start watching and note taking if you can!

NOTE: if you’re doing Psycho or North by Northwest you cannot do the scenes we did in class.

Thurs 9/13
Overview of first composition assignment

  • What is this assignment asking me to do?
  • Who is the audience for this assignment?

Discarded Image – Jaws

Intro to Rear Window 

HW: night to watch and take notes on your other Hitchcock film

Fri 9/14

Mon 9/17
Cont. Rear Window

HW: have film watched for Friday’s class

Tues 9/18
cont. Rear Window

HW:  online post on classroom

Thurs 9/20
finish Rear Window


HW:  Rear Window response using feedback from your summer work to write a focused response AND start the planning your Anatomy of a Scene.  What will your focus be?

Fri 9/21
Writing reflection

Reviewing the Rear Window Response and in class work day

  • Reviewing scene
  • Elements of construction
  • Writing, refining, and recording

HW:  Download clip, create working thesis, and outline topics

Mon 9/24
“The Critic as Artist” Oscar Wilde

  • What is criticism?
  • What is the role of criticism and the critic?
  • What does this mean for you as a critical viewer and writer in this class?

HW:  finish reading and annotating

Tues 9/25
Reviewing Oscar Wilde’s “The Critic as Artist”

  • Dialectic

Working in groups, students will then work through a close reading of the text for their assigned pages.

  • 794-bottom 796
  • 796-798
  • bottom 798-mid 800
  • mid 800-end part 1
  • part 2
    • Summarize main ideas
    • Choose a key quote from your section to share with the class – what is significant about that quote as it relates to your writing in this class and your first assignment?

Working working thesis and scene submission

HW:  continue working – outlining

  • Reviewing scene
  • Elements of construction
  • Writing, refining, and recording

Wed 9/26
In class work day

  • Reviewing scene
  • Elements of construction
  • Writing, refining, and recording

Thurs 9/27

Fri 9/28
In class work day

  • Reviewing scene
  • Elements of construction
  • Writing, refining, and recording


Mon 10/1
Final in class work day

For more on MLA 8 Citation visit here

HW: Upload links or videos to classroom for Tuesday’s class