The Bildungsroman

Essential Questions

  • Is our identity predestined or do our choices shape who we become?
  • How do we create, adopt, and how are we forced to be different selves based on our experiences and environments?
  • How does one find fulfillment in life?
  • How does reading literature shape and provide insight into our own identity?
  • How do Victorian authors create the novel form to reflect and challenge the society of their time?
  • What are the timeless themes found in Victorian novels?

Students will know and be able to:

  • Define, identify, and analyze an author’s use of literary terms including bildungsroman, narration, exposition, denouement, prolepsis, hyperbole, paradox, and antithesis
  • Discuss and analyze an author’s use of structure as it applies to meaning
  • Discuss and analyze an author’s use of characterization as it relates to a theme
  • Analyze a character’s development over time
  • Identify and support a theme in the text
  • Evaluate and analyze an author’s choices in developing character, plot, theme, and writing style
  • Track character change and complexity – thinking about character moving beyond singular to dynamic and plural
  • Articulate an understanding of complex themes within a text
  • Dialogue with texts where conversation with the author is reciprocal – students consider the author’s point of view while the students posit their own
  • Identify passages for close analysis that offer insight into character, plot, theme, and writing style
  • Sustain and move discussion forward about a text, building on each other’s insights about the text

Performance Task

  • Essay

Text Choices
Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

Thurs 8/29
With your group read over your quote and briefly discuss.

  • What key words stand out to you?
  • What parts of the quote do you like?

With your group, rewrite the quote as a new sentence.

HW:  AP Questionnaire

Fri 8/30
Course overview

Intro to “The Critic as Artist” due Wednesday

Tues 9/3
In class time to read “The Critic as Artist”

Background on Oscar Wilde

Wed 9/5
Reviewing “The Critic as Artist”

  • Dialectic

Working in groups, students will then work through a close reading of the text for their assigned pages.

  • 794-bottom 796
  • 796-798
  • bottom 798-mid 800
  • mid 800-end part 1
  • part 2
    • Summarize main ideas
    • Key quotes and define any terms
    • What do you think about these ideas?  Has it made you consider criticism and the critical approach in a new or different way?

Reflective component: Working with this text is the very first thing you’ve experienced in this class, what does this mean for you as a student in this class moving forward?

  • What does this mean for us as we approach literature this year?
  • What are your great expectations for the year?

HW:  Watch either Victorian Lit Overview or Bildungsroman Overview on classroom

Thurs 9/5
cont. Oscar Wilde and quotes

Overview of Learning Rubric & how the unit will work

Embarking on bildungsromans!

Fri 9/6

Mon 9/9

Tues 9/10 – Friday 9/13
Reading, discussing, responding

Response 1 (for both books after reading chapter 10) due by Friday 9/13 on google classroom

Mon 9/16- Friday 9/20
Reading, discussing, responding

Response 2 (Jane Eyre after chapter 20; Great Expectations after chapter 19) due Thurs 9/19

  • Either written or multimodal response

Mon 9/23 – Friday 9/27

Monday 9/23 – Reflection # 2

Reading, discussing, responding

Tues 10/1 – Wed 10/4
Finishing Text and Response 3

Response 3 (Jane Eyre after chapter 35; Great Expectations after chapter 51) due Wed 10/3

  • Either written or multimodal response

Progress Report Conferences

Mon 10/7 – Friday 10/12
Finish Progress Report Conferences

Reading the Overview for the AP-Style Response for Question 3

  • Practicing with the prompt from 2018 and writing about your book

Writing Reflection (due Thursday)

Reading overview for essay

Tues 10/15
Reading “Getting Launched”

Writing Essay Proposal

Starting process

Wed 10/16
Catching up – unit, AP exam, etc.

Reviewing AP response

Start conferences about essay

Thurs 10/17 – 10/18
Writing Workshop

Mon 10/21
Peer Review and Writing Workshop

Tues 10/22-10/23
Writing Workshop

Draft due by 2.05 Tuesday


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