Essential Questions

  • What does it mean to be human?
  • Does society create “monsters” or are “monsters” just born?
  • What is the ethical relationship between creator and creation?
  • Are we born as a tabula rasa or are we born with distinct traits?


Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

Mon 10/16
Introduction to Romanticism & Poems highlighting the Romantic spirit

Reading Romantic Poetry

  • Wordsworth’s “The World Is Too Much With US”

HW:  Reading Stephanie Forward’s “The Romantics” for more key concepts of this period and writing.  Use the main ideas to read and annotate Wordsworth’s “…Tintern Abbey”

Tues 10/17
Read aloud “Tintern Abbey”

  • Small groups working with Tintern Abbey and their reading last night

HW:  Read Prometheus myth and reading Byron’s “Prometheus”

Wed 10/18
Reviewing last 2 stanzas from “Tintern”


Introduction to Frankenstein

Reading Letters I-IIV

HW: Ch I-III annotations.  Be prepared to work with them in class on Friday.

Thurs 10/19

Fri 10/20
Initial understanding for character, romantic characteristics, and structure of the novel on shared doc in classroom

HW:  finish V1

Mon 10/23
Pattern of details response on google classroom

HW:  finish the response

Tues 10/24
Finish reviewing the initial understandings doc

Patterns of details

HW:  V2 Ch I-V

Wed 10/25
Working with allusions

  • Genesis
  • Paradise Lost
    • How do these allusions contribute to the work?
    • What purpose do they serve?

Writing about illusions

HW:  finish reading the texts and annotating for understanding and allusions to Frankenstein

Thurs 10/26

Reviewing allusions and writing about a passage where that allusion is made

HW: Finish reading V2

Fri 10/27
Working with V2 and themes

The duality between Victor and the creature

Your assignment is to create a visual that represents the duality between Victor and the creature.  With your group, discuss, plan, and execute how you will represent this.  Be sure to include 4 quotes and corresponding analysis that support this duality.

HW: V3 – Chapters I -IV

Mon 10/30
Reviewing duality

In class reading day – V3 – Chapters V

HW:  Finish V 3

Tues 10/31 

Wed 11/1
Preparing for Socratic Seminar and reading criticism

  • Use the critical texts for discussion
    • Reading and annotating “Frankenstein and the Tradition of Realism” or “Possessing Nature: The Female in Frankenstein

HW:  Finish classwork and revise Great Expectations essay if you choose

Thurs 11/2
Socratic Seminar and reflection

HW:  Revision of the Great Expectations essay if you choose due Friday @2.05

Fri 11/3
Q1 Reflection

Reading over the final assignment and start planning

HW: Working on the final essay

Mon 11/6 
Work day on Outline and Intro

HW:  Outline with intro (and as much as you have done)

Tues 11/7
No School – Election Day

Wed 11/8
Outline with Intro Due
Reading and answering questions on “Rime…”

HW: Parts 1-5 and corresponding questions

Thurs 11/9
Rime Day

Fri 11/10
Receive outline and draft back

Conferences as necessary

Drafting work day

Mon 11/13

Tues 11/4
In-class drafting day

Wed 11/5
In-class drafting day

HW: Essay due on classroom and