Film Semester Project

This class is focused on making sense of your world, and while many of the films and texts we have read over the course of the first semester have been my choice, in this final project, you will have the opportunity to address how the content of the course has made you engage with your visual world in another way or more deeply or…something…it’s up to you to articulate.

The Task

This assignment is going to be different from others you’ve done so far, in that it asks you to figure out what you would like to write about.  You’re using the concepts of the course to discuss your visual experiences.  Two good starting places may be the summer journal entries you completed and the visual journal you did at the start of the Visual Culture unit.  As you review these, consider how they are exemplative of your experience (or not).  Do some writing.  What did you see then and what do you see now?

After this initial stage, I suggest you choose an area of focus.  In a version of this type of assignment last year, I had students write about Beyoncé, animated films, news media, lifestyle vlogs, etc.  It doesn’t have to be about one form of media.  I imagine that you could write a memoir of your experiences over the course of the semester that reflects on what you have learned and how it applies to your life.  Your area of focus and the form it takes is really up to you.

Fri 1/4
In class work day

  • Revising the VC speech
  • Planning, brainstorm, researching for Semester Project

Before leaving class, filling out the Daily Progress form on google classroom

Mon 1/7
Newsworthy Topics-GT

Reviewing Schedule

In class work day

  • Conferencing as needed for revisions or project

Daily Progress form

HW:  Reading FM’s Newsworthy Topic

Tues 1/8
Newsworthy Topics-FM

Proposal Expectations for Thursday

Daily Progress form

Wed 1/9

Thurs 1/10
Peer Review on VC Speech

Fri 1/11
VC Speech due at 2.05 on google Classroom

Image Citation Workshop

Writing the proposal for the Semester Project

Mon 1/14
Newsworthy Topic Discussion – SW

Proposals and feedback

Tues 1/15
Reviewing reflection writing and the project update for the exam

  • Expectations for the exam

Continue Proposals

Wed 1/16
In-class work day

Wed 1/23
Exam Day – Participation Reflections and Project Update

Thurs 1/24
In-class work day

Fri 1/25
In-class work day

Mon 1/28

Tues 1/29
In-class work day

Wed 1/30
In-class work day

Thurs 1/31
Final in-class work day

Fri 2/1
Presentations of Semester Project

HW:  Reading for next unit

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