Critical Lenses

In this unit, you will research and read different literary criticism and theory and put them into practice in the reading of your chosen text.

Essential Questions

  • How do writers create texts to explore the social and political issues of their time?
  • What role does satire and irony play in social critique?
  • How do authors and artists reveal their attitudes toward their subject matter?
  • What parallels can we draw between these societies and ours?
  • How do authors use narration effectively?
  • How does the application of a critical lens open up the reading of a text?


  • Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice
  • Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre
  • Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights
  • E.M. Forster’s Howards End

Wed 1/24
In class reflection on Q2

Intro to the unit

Research on terms and individual authors

  • Biography
  • Time period writing in
  • Known style

Reading the first 20 pages

Thurs 1/25

Fri 1/26
Group discussion about author background

Reading next 30 pages and preparation for first discussion

Mon 1/29
First discussion and reflection

Tues 1/30
Reading day

Wed 1/31
Overview of critical lenses and theories

  • Group work on critical lenses

Thurs 2/1
Continue working on critical lenses and reading Day

Fri 2/2
Passage Readings

Reading day and preparation for discussion #2

Mon 2/5
Discussion # 2 and reflection

Tues 2/6

Wed 2/7
Critical Lense readings

Thurs 2/8
Presenting on critical lenses

HW:  Prep Discussion #3

Fri 2/9
Discussion #3 & reflection

Mon 2/12
Reading Day

Tues 2/13
In-class passage response

Wed 2/14
Reading Day and prep for discussion # 4

Thurs 2/5
Discussion # 4 and reflection

HW:  finish the book for Tues 2/27

Mon 2/26

Tues 2/27
In class response # 2

HW:  Prep for final discussion

Wed 2/28
Final Discussion & Reflection

HW: reading for next unit

Thurs 3/1
In-class writing day

HW: cont. working on project

Fri 3/2
In-class writing day

HW: cont. working on project

Mon 3/3
In-class writing day and locating images

HW: submit draft by tomorrow’s class

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