Creative Writing Unit

Essential Questions for the Unit

1. What makes me who I am?

2. In what ways do our experiences inform and shape our identity?

3.  How do writers use the journey archetype to explore ideas about sense of self?

4.  How does literature help us understand ourselves?

5.  How do different people confront change, discomfort, traumatic, and/or challenging events?

Final Assignment

Writing portfolio

Mon 3/16
Overview of “You Did What?” Assignment from John Warner’s Writing Practice

Have the adventure and write down your notes about it

Tues 3/17 & Wed 3/18
Write the Adventure Report

Thurs 3/19
Reading Adventure Reports

Readers include:

  • Ms. Weeks
  • 2 of your classmates
  • 2 people “outside of school”

Have them read the report once, and when they’re done ask them to respond to the following questions:

  1. On a scale of one to ten, where one means it was similar to slogging through foot-deep mud, five equals meh, and ten means it reminded you of what it must be like to effortlessly fly through the sky on the back of the winged horse Pegasus, how did you feel as you were reading this report?
  2. After finishing the report, without looking back at it, what’s the most memorable scene, image, or part of the experience? What stands out in your mind in hindsight?”

Fri 3/20
Writing the reflection creating the 30 second commercial “selling” the adventure

Tues 3/24
“Subtotals” poem

  • Writing our own subtotals poem

Thurs 3/26
“Where I Am From” poem

Mon 3/30
Begin class with Google Meet and sharing one positive thing from this past week

Object assignment

Wed 4/1
Reading “Life Without Go-Go Boots” and annotate details for the following questions:

  • How do she struggle against others to define herself?  
  • Where does she notice the absence of the Go-Go boots?
  • What fills the void?

Fri 4/3
Writing about an object you’ve gone without

Tues 4/7
Google Meet – Review the Portfolio Expectations

Drafting writing workshop & conference time

  • Poem and personal essay

Thurs 4/9

Drafting writing workshop & conference time

  • Poem and personal essay


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