Per 6 Journey

Essential Questions for the Unit

1.  In what ways do our experiences inform and shape our identity?

2.  How do writers use the journey archetype to explore ideas about sense of self?

3.  How are we the heroes of our own journey?

4.  How do different people confront change, discomfort, traumatic, and/or challenging events?

Final Assignment

Personal Narrative

Wed 4/25
from How to Read Literature Like a Professor: “Every Trip Is A Quest (Except When It’s Not)

  • How does Catcher fit this structure?

Starting Everything Is Illuminated and viewing questions

HW: Answer questions 1 & 2 on the viewing guide handout

Thurs 4/26
Applying the journey archetype to Everything Is Illuminated

According to Jonathan Safran Foer: “As for the autobiographical content, I did make a trip to the Ukraine when I was 19 and I was looking for the woman who saved my grandfather from the Nazis. But the trip in the book didn’t at all resemble the trip that I made. I never met anyone like Alex and never had the encounters that Jonathan had in the book. My novel is much more a response to my trip than a recounting of it.” (The Washington Post)

  • Who is our Quester?
  • His place to go and stated reason to go there?
  • What are his challenges along the way?
  • What is his real reason to go there?  What self knowledge does he gain?

Fri 4/27
cont. Everything Is Illuminated

Mon 4/30
Finish Everything & Discussion

  • How does this film fit the journey archetype?

Tues 5/1
Reading and annotating “A Mistake” for journey structure

  • Who is our quester?
  • Where is he going?
  • What is his stated reason for going there?
  • What are his challenges, trials, and obstacles he encounters along the way?
  • What is his real reason to go there?  What self knowledge does he gain?

HW:  Finish reading and annotating and response on classroom:  What is the narrator’s real reason to go on his journey?  How do his experiences contribute to his real reason?

Wed 5/2
Journey brainstorming and freewriting

Thurs 5/3

Fri 5/4
The Journey Archetype

  • Who is your quester?  Describe yourself before the journey
  • Where are you going?  What is the stated reason for going there?
  • What are the challenges you encounter along the way?  Anticipated challenges before heading out?

Mon 5/7
Drafting day